4 Safety Tips To Help Prevent Accidents With Heavy Equipment

When it comes to operating heavy equipment, it is important that you are properly trained on how to do so. Otherwise, people can get hurt. Here are four tips that will help prevent the risk of accidents on the job. 1. Watch Your Blind Spots When operating a piece of heavy machinery, it is imperative that the operator be 100 percent certain that there is no in front of them, behind them or in their blind spots prior to moving.

The Other Meaning Of Field Dressing And How It Makes Electrical Jobs Safer

When someone talks about field dressing, they typically mean the type of field dressing done to a wounded person. It comes from the battlefields where the wounded soldiers could not receive immediate medical attention beyond what the field medics could provide (i.e., basically first aid). However, there is actually a second meaning of field dressing, which poses a vague similarity to the first. Here is more info about the second meaning of field dressing.