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Is Your Machine With Hydraulics Flashing Warning Signals On The Screen? What To Do

If your manufacturing, CNC programming, or another type of machine with hydraulic components isn't working as it needs to, and you fear there are some problems, there are some things you want to look into. There may be some minor issues with the machine that need to be addressed, or some larger problems that need to be addressed right away. Look into the following possible errors or problems.

Reboot the Software

You want to reboot the machine to see if this will fix some of the errors or problems on the screen. You may also want to do some troubleshooting (if you know how to do it), or if there are directions to do so on the screen. If you aren't aware of how to do this, you could cause mechanical and electrical complications. If the software is problematic, you will want to have a professional look at it. A software update may also be needed.

Check the Fluids

Fluid levels have a lot to do with how your machinery runs. If your fluid levels are low or empty, the machine may be shutting down because it's overheating or off balance. You want to check the fluids with the screen or manually if you can.

If you aren't capable of doing this yourself, find a hydraulic machine shop so that they can check the fluids for leaks. They can also replace the old, dirty, and used fluids with clean new fluid to help the machine run better and last longer. A small leak or dirty fluids can destroy a machine.

Fix Minor Repairs Immediately

Any damaged component inside the machine needs to be repaired before it becomes a big problem and before it leads to more complicated repairs. If there is a damaged bolt or loose of piece of metal, this could cause the machine to rock and shake, disrupt the alignment and create a lot of other problems for the machine. Also, if there is something jammed or causing the machine to overheat, continuing to run it could permanently damage the machine.

There are a lot of issues that could be causing problems for the machine, but if you need to get them repaired now because it's disrupting the efficiency of your shop, find a machine mechanic that can do the work. After you have gotten the problem resolved, set up a regular maintenance schedule with the machining mechanic specialists to prevent any further problems. You can also find more information by searching websites such as https://www.cerprodnjhydraulics.com/.