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The Other Meaning Of Field Dressing And How It Makes Electrical Jobs Safer

When someone talks about field dressing, they typically mean the type of field dressing done to a wounded person. It comes from the battlefields where the wounded soldiers could not receive immediate medical attention beyond what the field medics could provide (i.e., basically first aid). However, there is actually a second meaning of field dressing, which poses a vague similarity to the first. Here is more info about the second meaning of field dressing.

Field Dressing Meaning #2

In this instance, field dressing refers to electrical transformers and transformer repair service. So, instead of providing immediate care to a human, immediate attention is applied to a transformer, which is one of the largest and most powerful components in the electrical world. In addition to supplying repairs to these big conductors of electrical energy, electrical repair technicians also do field dressing work in the form of erecting poles, connecting cables, installing wires and setting up substations to conduct power in and around an area. Damaged components are also removed from the site while new ones are installed.

Why Field Dressing #2 May Be Needed

Like the original meaning of field dressing, there is something that is wounded or damaged. The technicians have to race to the site of the damaged transformer, pole, downed wires, etc.. They have to quickly but carefully remove the damaged components, load them onto a truck, and haul them away. The replacement components are hauled in on another truck to replace those parts. 

When this happens, it is usually the result of a lightning strike or a major power surge that causes an explosion. The explosive effect or the fire that results so badly damages the transformer and other electrical components that power to an area of the city will be down for quite some time until everything can be repaired. Like the fallen soldier on the battlefield who will not be able to get up without some field dressings and attention, so are the transformers in a substation.

How This Type of Field Dressing Makes Electrical Jobs Safer

The technicians that repair and remove the damaged transformers and components help make other electrical jobs safer. These technicians remove that which would cause others a lot of harm, even death. They take all of the damaged items that could hurt everyone else far from the substation, and prevent continued random surges from electrocuting electricians working in and around that area.