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What To Consider Before Hiring A Vertical Mast Lift For Your Construction Site

The list of heavy construction equipment you need to hire for your site might already include some standard cranes. However, other lifting equipment, such as vertical mast lifts, can also be useful.

If you need to get workers to a height to work on the outside or inside of buildings, then these smaller crane lifts can do this job. They typically contain a bucket that someone can stand in at the end of a movable arm. The arm lifts the worker to the right height to do their jobs.

Before you hire these lifts, ask yourself the following questions. The answers will help you choose the right piece of equipment for your site.

What's Your Working Height?

Vertical mast lifts only work if they can carry people to the right working height. So, estimate how high you need workers to go. Look for lifts that can reach this height. It's also good to add in a little extra height in case you need it.

What Kind of Boom Do You Need?

Vertical mast lifts typically work in two ways. A regular lift has a telescopic boom arm. This arm goes straight up as the lift works. This is a good option if you have easily accessible work locations.

However, you can also hire machines that have articulated booms. These arms have hinged parts. So, you can change the angle of the boom; it doesn't have to sit in a straight line.

If your crew will have to work around obstacles at a height or will work in places with limited access, then an articulated boom is the best option. These lifts can turn their arms to move around obstacles or to get people to working heights from a distance. They don't need to sit directly under the working area.

How Many People Will Use the Lift?

Many vertical mast lifts are designed to carry one worker. Their bucket isn't big enough to hold multiple people. If you won't need more than one person working at height at a time, then they'll do the job for you.

However, you can hire some boom mast lifts that have platforms rather than buckets. These lifts are a good option if you want multiple people working on the lift at the same time.

Do You Need to Move the Lift Around Your Site?

If you need to move your lift around your site to work in different areas, then you should think about how you'll move it. You push some models around from place to place; others are drivable.

If you won't move a lift much, then a pushable model will work fine. However, if you'll move the lift more often or over longer distances, then a driveable machine will be easier to use, especially if you hire a larger and heavier lift.

For more advice, contact heavy construction equipment rental companies.