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Useful Buying Guide For Static Rock Separators

Static rock separators are valuable resources around construction sites involving rock materials. They're designed to help you size rocks effectively for specific construction purposes. If you're in the market for one, take a look at this guide.

Review Base Design 

A static rock separator will have a lot of rocks piled on top of it consistently during construction. In order for the separator to hold up to this activity well and subsequently not fall over to either side, you need a quality base design.

This is one of the more important specs to review before making your selection. You need the rock separator to have a wide base that's made from durable materials because these designs ultimately give the separator more structural stability and support. Then you won't have to worry about how this system is going to take to constant rock piling activity.

Make Sure Bars Easily Adjust

Most static rock separators have bars that can adjust. This is an important design element because it lets you customize what size of rocks are left over in piles. You just want to make sure these bars are simple for you and your construction crew to adjust each time.

You'll want to test out this performance aspect in real time so that you can make sure bars adjust smoothly and precisely according to what rock size you're looking to leave behind at the end. If bar movement is refined in real time, that bodes well for a dependable rock separator system.

Look For a Separator That's Easy to Maintain

If you want your static rock separator to last for a really long time, you'll have to maintain it periodically. You won't struggle with these maintenance chores if you make sure you get the right static rock separator from the jump.

There are a couple of attributes that would make maintenance user-friendly, such as protective coatings that prevent materials from breaking down on this separator. Completely solid parts would also help in preventing dirt and other debris from entering crevices that otherwise would be hard for your construction team to reach. 

If you need to work with particular rock sizes around a construction site, you can use a static rock separator to organize rock piles based on specific sizes. Working with said resource will always be a positive experience if you find the right separator on the market that has all the features you need and want.