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Why A Custom Press Can Be A Good Fit For Your Manufacturing Business

Hydraulic presses have many different uses, but primarily they are designed to exert pressure on materials or parts to force and action. Having a custom hydraulic press manufacturer makes the right press for your needs can be the best way to ensure it does the job you need without damaging the raw material or parts used. 

Die Cutting

One widespread use for presses in the assembling and manufacturing businesses is die-cutting sheet metal into shapes with a shaping a cutting die. Often these pieces are used in assemblies that are welded or riveted to other parts later. The custom hydraulic press manufacturer can design and create a press for you that has the right amount of pressure to shape a piece as it is punched out of a larger piece of stock.

The pressure must be perfect not to warp the sheet metal, and the dies need to mount correctly on the plates inside the press so they sit level and come together with the correct alignment to ensure a clean and precise cut. Die-cutting presses allow you to rapidly punch out pieces quickly and repeatedly so each one is the same and can be used without further modification in many cases. 

In the same industries, these large hydraulic presses can be constructed to punch out holes in brackets or pieces before assembling. In some plants, several custom hydraulic presses are used in succession to create the work then modify it in steps to ensure it is ready for use. Often this method is used when the custom hydraulic press manufacturer can not produce a machine that is going to perform all the cuts and holes at the same time without damaging the material.

Limitations in the press plane can mean the part needs reorientation in the press, which is often beyond these machines' capability.

Assembly Presses

Another use for presses that a custom hydraulic press manufacturer may construct is assembling parts in a production environment that requires speed and precision. Often these large custom presses assemble parts that must be precisely pressed into place in a bore or on a shaft such as bearing or seals.

The manufacturer can create the press so the operator can place the parts in and create the assembly very quickly. Often an assembly line or other manufacturing facility can benefit from the speed and precision that comes with these types of machines. 

The cost of a machine ordered from a custom hydraulic press manufacturer can be significant. Still, for a high-volume business, the press can quickly pay for itself and help your business produce high-quality parts and components at a speed that allows you to be competitive in your industry. 

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