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How To Make The Most Out Of Cross-Docking Services

If you want to reduce handling and warehouse costs, a type of shipping process you should consider for clients is cross-docking. This is where your goods are shipped to a docking station and then quickly sent to clients from outbound docks. You'll make the most out of this type of shipping if you perform a couple of steps.

Make Sure Material Handlers Are Organized

The shipping companies that will be handling your products for a brief amount of time need to be organized. That will ensure the right things happen throughout every stage, such as your materials arriving at the right dock and then being shipped out to the right clients.

You need handlers that specialize in cross-docking because they can provide better shipping capabilities. For example,  the handlers will know who to communicate with throughout every stage and how to properly inspect your products before they're sent out for the last portion of shipping. 

Set Up Notifications for Major Shipping Events 

There will be major events that happen during cross-docking, such as your materials arriving and them being sent out from an outbound dock. You want to set up notifications for these major events. 

Then you'll know where your goods are at all times and what is happening to them throughout cross-docking. The material handling company you hire to complete this type of shipping should have a notification system already set up. Just make sure your contact information is accurate so that you don't miss any major alert. 

Ensure There Are Enough Laborers to Support Shipping Volume

You will be sending a particular volume of materials to a client via cross-docking. The quantity of materials does matter and needs to be properly supported by the material handlers you're working with.

For instance, if you're sending out a lot of products using cross-docking efforts, there needs to be enough labor to support the shipping volume without product damage and delays occurring. Whereas if you have less product, less laborers will be needed. Make sure you tell the company you're working with about your shipping quantity in order to keep things on track.

You can have a more streamlined shipping experience for products when cross-docking services are utilized. They keep your goods from being stored in a warehouse. As long as you work with the right company and do certain things throughout this shipping process, cross-docking will continue being an efficient and trusted way to get goods to clients. Contact a company that offers cross-dock services to learn more.