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Why Your Business Should Get a New Tractor Instead of Buying Used

Does your construction business or farm need a new tractor? Maybe you need a tractor for a new type of project or you are just trying to replace a current tractor that is at the end of its life. Regardless of the reason, one of your first considerations will likely be whether to buy a brand new or gently used tractor. While buying used can obviously save you some money, there are several reasons why buying new might be the way to go.

Keep these considerations in mind before you move forward with your tractor purchase. 

1. You Know Exactly What You Are Getting

When you buy a used tractor, you have to closely look at the details and preferably inspect it in person if you want to make sure you are getting what you need and not something that's going to break down in a couple of months. This means that while buying used could save you money, it might also take a longer period of time before you find the right used tractor that you are comfortable with. With a new tractor, you know exactly what you are getting and there's not as much additional inspection needed. If you need a tractor for your business right now, buying new is likely the way to go.

2. A Used Tractor May Look Fine, But You Don't Really Know Its Quality

The seller of the used tractor can tell you how old it is, how much it's been driven, the types of loads that it might have pulled. But even after a visual inspection, you don't really know for sure exactly what you are getting into. A used tractor could look fine at first glance but actually have a bit more wear and tear on it from years of use than you are fully aware of. When you buy new, you don't have to worry about taking on something with a history that is going to come back to haunt you.

3. You Can Upgrade Your Tractors 

If you are replacing an old tractor, why would you replace it with another tractor that is old or outdated? By upgrading to a brand new tractor you can likely take advantage of new features not available to you before. Your new tractor may be safer or more efficient to operate and be a big boost to your company's production thanks to these new features.