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How Compact Utility Loaders Can Help You Improve Your Landscape

Whether you are trying to level a piece of property for laying sod or you are trying to remove an old driveway, having the right equipment for the job is essential. Some landscaping tasks require larger machines for moving heavy objects or removing a great deal of soil and bramble. Check out how renting a compact utility loader can be a good idea if you are creating a new landscape.

Laying Sod Means Removing Existing Vegetation

One of the most important parts of most landscapes is a smooth, green lawn. If your grass is spotty and has lot of weeds, you may have considered laying down sod for upgrading your lawn. However, if you have a big yard, preparing the soil for sod can be an overwhelming task. A compact utility loader, also called a bobcat or skid steer, can be the best and fastest way to prepare your lawn for new sod. With a compact utility loader, all you will need to do is run the front bucket over your lawn for removing the top layer of soil, meaning all the existing grass and weeds will go with it. When you use a compact utility loader for preparing your lawn for sod, you will quickly have a smooth surface. You can also rent a rake attachment for turning over the soil so your sod will have an easier time taking root. Once you have the soil ready, you can rent a sod laying attachment for placing sod.

Removing Old Sidewalks And Driveways

Taking up an old driveway can be a tough job, especially when you do not have the equipment for doing so. A compact utility loader can help you move old asphalt or concrete easily. Using a compact loader can also be the easiest way to prepare the drive for new asphalt or concrete. Some loaders comes with attachment especially designed for concrete and asphalt removal. You can also attach a hydraulic breaker to a loader for breaking apart asphalt or concrete for easier removal using the front bucket. A hydraulic breaker is a large type of jackhammer that attaches to front of a skid steer. Remember to have a dumpster or dump truck in place so you will have a place to dump concrete or asphalt in as you work.

Creating a beautiful landscape can be a tough job, but when you have the right equipment on hand, it can be a lot easier. If you have a big job to do on your property, check out heavy construction equipment rental companies in your area for getting the help you need.