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Easy Solutions For Moving To A New House Where Tree Stumps Need To Be Removed AND You Need To Keep The Kids Busy

In a perfect world, you would move into your new house, there would be no need to perfect the landscape around it, and the children would not get underfoot while you are attempting to move possessions in and out of the houses. However, that is just not how things go, and if you are finding that your move requires moving truck rentals, and your new landscape has some serious stumps that need to be removed, and the kids just will not go play and let the adults do the work, then maybe you need the following solutions provided by a contractor equipment rental company (such as Rentals And More Inc).   

A Moonwalk Rental to Keep the Kids Busy, Happy and out of the Way

Moonwalk rentals are inflatable bounce houses and inflatable, bouncy playgrounds. For the small hourly fee that it will cost you, it may be well worth the price since these inflatable entertainment centers keep kids busy for a long time. Being able to bounce off all of their energy typically makes them happy and tired too. While they are busily entertaining themselves in the bounce rentals, the adults can be loading and unloading the moving trucks. 

Moving Trucks for the Move

You can rent one truck or three. Either way, you can get most, if not all, of your furniture and possessions loaded, moved to the new house and unloaded while the kids are entertained on their bouncy entertainment and play centers. (The especially nice thing is that you can rent all of these items for your move from one location). If, in the course of your move you cannot get the trucks over a stump in your new yard, you may have to rent a stump grinder as well.  

Renting the Stump Grinder

The good news is, since you are already renting a moving truck, you already have the transportation you need to pick up the stump grinder from the equipment rental station and bring the grinder to the new house. You might want to do this step after you set up the bouncy houses for the kids and before you begin loading and unloading truckloads of furniture and belongings. At least that way you can remove the stump that is preventing you from getting your stuff into the new house and the kids are too busy to get in the way. Additionally, you can have someone take the grinder back to the store in one moving truck while the other truck or trucks continues onward with the moving process.