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Three Factors To Remember When Renting A Crane

Getting the most use out of your rental crane is key. If you aren't planning correctly, you could end up with the wrong type of equipment, or some other mishap that could halt production or cost you extra money. In order to make sure you are getting the most use out of your rental, you need to know what factors to address beforehand. Here are just three of these important factors.

Do Some Research

Take some time to do some research. Particularly for people who are renting a crane for the first time, they don't generally understand what all is involved. This is especially the case when it comes to additional equipment you might need to rent. For example, a crane rental often must accompany the rental of a rigger.

A rigger is a device that attaches the cable, chains and straps that help keep the crane secure and assist with the actual lifting part of the crane. It's important to have these types of details beforehand so that you can better plan.

Prepare Your Team

It's also important to prepare your team. A crane is a large and powerful piece of equipment.  When not used correctly it can be a dangerous piece of equipment. Make sure your team is prepared. In addition to your crane operator, it's a good idea to also brush up the rest of your team on important safety tips.

For example, the importance of keeping the area clear when the crane is operating and even how to inspect the crane for a problem. When the entire team is prepared, you can keep your team and the local community safer.

Investigate Permits

Depending on the area where you plan to operate the crane, you might be required to apply for a permit before you can operate the crane. A permit is generally required when you will need to shut down any portion of a public area, such as a sidewalk, while the crane is in operation.

If you fail to investigate this information beforehand, you could either be fined or forced to cease use of the crane. Both of these scenarios could result in production issues and extra money being spent that you may have not originally planned for.

Don't hesitate to contact the rental company you are working with for additional assistance with planning for your crane rental. The more prepared you are, the better the outcome. Contact a business that offers bare rental cranes for more information.